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International consensus meeting: The pathology of PERI-ampullary non-PAncreatic Neoplasm and the standardization of MDT-Pathology Pathways

On the 23rd and 24th of March 2013 we will host the international consensus meeting on peri-ampullary cancer, the PERIPAN meeting. In the preparation to this meeting we will create consensus about the pathology of the periampullary region following the SIGN50 and DELPHI methodology.
Following this method, first the problems in the field of classifications, differentiation and definitions between the different non-pancreatic periampullary malignant tumors (ampullary adenocarcinoma with intestinal, pancreatobiliary and mixed subtype, distal cholangiocarcinoma and duodenal adenocarcinoma). The literature behind the topics are systematically reviewed and the research questions are answered. The created statements with the supporting evidence will be discussed in the Delphi rounds until more than 80% consensus is reached between the experts in the field. The last Delphi round will be held on 23-03-2023 in Palazzo della Loggia, Brescia, Italy. The next day, 24-03-2023, the consensus statements will be presented with a full program to follow in the conference hall of Fondazione Poliambulanza, Brescia, Italy. The presentations and methodology will be validated by oncologists, surgeons, gastroenterologists and patients representative. 

To optimize multidisciplinary approach, we included an Advisory Committee which will protect the multidisciplinary view and to discuss how to transport information and material between the different specialties. 

The Advisory Committee consists of Oncologists, Gastroenterologists, Surgeons and Radiologists. To improve the quality of the clinical practice, it should be standardized what and how information and specimen should transport from specialty to specialty (see figure). Questions regarding what the Pathologist need from the preoperative biopsy, what information does the surgeon need from the biopsy, what parts should the surgeon mark and how should the specimen be preserved and send to the pathologists, what information does the Oncologist need, etc. All these and more detailed questions will be standardized in a multidisciplinary approach. 


Friday 24 March 2023 is open for registration. The registration fee is 100 and will include a full program with the presentations of the consensus recommendations, various talks from experts in the field of periampullary cancer and lunch. 
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For international registration, please write an e-mail to:

 We hope to see you all in Brescia to combat this difficult and important topic together!

Live ADAPTA session

During the PERIPAN consensus meeting a full session will be dedicated to the ADAPTA study. As you know, the ADAPTA study investigates the effect of adjuvant chemotherapy for ampullary adenocarcinoma, a double arm prospective study in which patients are allocated for adjuvant treatment based on the histopathological subtypes of ampullary cancer. 
If you are interested in the study or if you have interests to participate, we would like to invite you to join the online ADAPTA session, Friday March 24, 13.00 – 14.30 pm (CET, GMT +1). 
Online participation is possible via the following link: 
We hope to see you on the 24th of March during the ADAPTA session!

Capital of Culture 2023

In 2023, Brescia is nominated to be the capital of Culture 2023. So it will be a great pleasure to hold this consensus meeting in this occasion!

Capitale Cultura