Welcome to the International Study Group on 
(non-pancreatic) peri-Ampullary CAncer



The international Study Group on non-pancreatic peri-Ampullary CAncer is founded in 2018 and is a multidisciplinary consortium where clinicians with interest in the peri-ampullary diseases as part of their special interest can meet, exchange ideas, brain storm and collaborate to develop a better understanding in the physio pathogenesis of the non-pancreatic peri-ampullary diseases, and thus, leading to the development of clearer pathways and better management of our patients. 

The initiative has found great interest and the group was initially founded by surgeon from all over the world, but quickly, and recognising the importance of the multidisciplinary approach in the management of this disease as in all complex diseases, invitations were extended to other key players in this field including; oncologists, pathologists, radiologists, and gastroenterologists. Clinicians with interest in this filed who would like to join the Group and welcome. We also welcome any research proposals which are in line with the scope of this consortium.

On this website we will update the group and readers about the published literature by this group and about ongoing project and will always welcome comments, advices and proposals. However, we clearly inform our readers that the information on the website do not in any way represent a medical advice and can not replace the expert opinion of the proper expert clinicians who will manage patients in the most appropriate way after having assessed them and evaluated their case on its own merit.

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